Turns Out Adam Sandler’s Daughters Don’t Really Like His Movies

Well, That’s Just Sad

It looks like Adam Sandler’s kids are just like any other American kid. On Friday, during an interview in the Ellen show, Adam Sandler admitted this is his case with his daughters who don’t really love his movies.

The confession came after he congratulated Ellen on her many awards for Finding Dory, which his daughters love. Adam is currently on tour with stand-up shows, which he reprised after 20 years.

Not too fond of his movies.

The life of a celebrity parent

During his latest appearance on Ellen, Adam Sandler opened up about the difficulties of being a parent and a celebrity. One would think that being a celebrity almost makes one automatically cool, but Adam pointed out exactly the opposite.

The comedian told Ellen that usually, his daughters, Sunny and Sadie beg him to watch one of his movies, but given most of his movies as R-rated or PG-13-ish, they don’t see them that often.

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Parental heartbreak

The thing is that when they finally get to see the movies they generally ask to see something else. The actor laughed at this funny and yet tragic story and couldn’t help but gushed at his daughters. He said  “They’re very nice. Nice kids, I love ’em. I love ’em more than anything.”

On the other side, his entire family loves Ellen and Finding Dory. The actor congratulated Ellen on her work with the movie and the infinity joy she brings to his family.

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Tux and talks

The comedian showed up wearing a suit, something Ellen pointed out as soon as she saw him because it’s extremely weird.After talking about his outfit and the burdens of parenthood they discussed Adam’s return to stand-up comedy. The actor is doing a comedy tour along with buddy David Spade and Rob Schneider.

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The Do-Over Comedy Tour

After Ellen showed an old picture of Adam Sandler, David Spade, and Chris Farley, who died in 1997, the actor talked about a special moment on his shows.

Adam, who generally is the final number in the comedy tour, finishes his number by singing a song about Farley. He said, “I do a song towards the end of my [stand-up] act about Farley, and it’s when I sing about Farley, people connect with him so much.”

He continued, It’s just an amazing feeling up there talking about the guy, and the crowd goes bananas for every reference about the guy. He was the nicest guy of all time.”

The Do-Over comedy tour ends on May 27, the same day the Netflix’s premiere of Adam’s latest film The Do-Over, in wich David Spade and Adam fake their own deaths to get a new identity and discover h dangers of their new identities.

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Source: Vanity Fair


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