7 Tips to Find the Right Gift for Each Person on Your List

7 Tips to Find the Right Gift for Each Person on Your List

Gifts are a way of expressing love and care to the people in your life. Especially during the festive season, thoughtful gifts go a long way in communicating and reaching out to the special persons in your life as you make them feel appreciated. But do you know how to surprise them with the ideal gifts? Well, choosing the right gift is never a walk in the park, especially if you are gifting more than one person. This is why we compiled these tips to make the task less daunting for you.

1. Get Them What They Ever Mentioned

Some people are very straight forward about what they like or want for their special occasions. Others mention it without even knowing during random conversations. In this case, you don’t need to have a headache trying to get them something you think they can like. Just get them what they ever mentioned being interested in. For instance, if the person has always talked about how they would love to make their own juice at home, a juicer or blender could be a thoughtful gift to get them.

2. Try Foodie Gifts

Everyone has their favorite food. If she has a sweet tooth for chocolate or ice-cream, you can either get her that or something related to it. If he loves beef or beef jerky, you’ll be surprised at how many options you will have when you check out beef jerky baskets over the internet. They feature a wide range of jerky meat flavors, so the man in your life will definitely find something they love from the collection. Basically, food gifts are all about knowing the kind of foods your gift recipient loves, which brings us to the next point.

3. Talk to People Who Know the Person Well

Sometimes, we may make the wrong choice of gifts, especially when gifting the people we don’t know too well. That is why you need to do your research and get more gift ideas from people who are closer to the gift recipient than you are. Many people usually drop hints during ordinary conversations with their closest pals, colleagues, or folks. The latter can be a great source of gift ideas.

4. Look at the Person’s Social Media Pages for Clues

In most cases, on social media, people like or follow pages of things they are interested in. These can help with gift ideas for your recipient. For instance, when you realize that they tend to like more pages featuring shoes than clothes, it could suggest that they are more into shoes.

5. Ask Them!

There is nothing wrong with asking the person if there is anything they needed as a gift. In fact, most people appreciate this because they get what they exactly want. This can, however, be done indirectly just for you to get what they would love. For instance, you could start by telling the person what you got for a mutual friend for their birthday last year, and perhaps ask them what they would like for their next birthday. Nonetheless, this tends to work better when done at least a few weeks before the occasion or season.

6. Drop the Physical Item, Go for an Experience

Gifts are physical and can get lost, while memories will last a lifetime. Ditch the material things and create memories that will go down memory lane. Look out for concerts, events, and other fun-filled activities. Apart from these gift experiences, you can gift them with tickets to the event, buy them gift cards, or provide a time-saving service as a gift. The latter can be cleaning services from a local cleaning company. It can also be a service to help the person in running their errands or even babysitting on their behalf.

7. Pool Your Money with Family and Friends

There are moments when you really want to send a gift, but your financial state will not allow you to. You can request your friends and family to help you raise funds for the gift. Please get them something they really want. For instance, a beloved family member or colleague may need a new iPhone, which would make a great gift for his or her birthday. If you cannot raise the whole amount on your own, you can always request a few people from your family or team to top you up.

The above is just a guide on how to get the ideal gift for the people in your life. However, do not let the above limit you to choices. Gifting is from the heart. They can be as simple as a homemade cupcake or a key holder. They can also be expensive and luxurious. Just ensure you get something thoughtful and memorable.

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