7 Signs That You’re Falling Head Over Heels In Love

7 Signs That You're Falling Head Over Heels In Love
Pavel Danilyuk

Love is a powerful and complicated feeling. It can be described as an intense emotional response to another person that involves caring deeply for them, or it can also just be considered a strong liking of someone. Falling in love is like no other feeling. It can cause people to act unusually, think irrationally, and make them do things that they would not usually do. The more you are in love with someone, the more likely it is that they will have all 7 of these signs on their hands.

You Can’t Stop Thinking About Them

If you can’t stop thinking about a person, it is a strong indication that you are falling in love with them. When you fall in love with someone, it is normal to think about him or her all of the time. This person might just be on your mind when you wake up and go to sleep, and throughout the day you might find yourself itching for a quick conversation with them.

This is because this person has triggered something within you that makes it so you can’t seem to get them off of your mind. It happens to everyone at one point or another to think about someone they like nonstop because of how much they care for them and want to be around them.

If You’re Jealous, It’s A Sign

It isn’t normal for people, in general, to be jealous when they are just friends, but if you are frequently feeling this way when you are in love with someone, you are falling in love with them. Jealousy is one of those hidden signs and it comes when you feel like someone is going to take your place by this person’s side when they are hanging out or talking to other people. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anyone in particular that triggers the jealousy in you. You might also feel this way whenever anyone gets in the middle of your relationship with them, even if they are innocent bystanders.

You Change Your Priorities For Them

If you’ve suddenly put someone before everyone and everything else in your life when you started to fall in love with them, it’s likely that this person has taken over your life. People who are falling in love will start to put this person before their friends, family, and even themselves when they are doing things.

It might seem like your friend or significant other is the only one that matters to you anymore because of how much you are prioritizing them over anything else in your life. You are spending most of your free time with this person, and when you are not spending time with them you are thinking about them in the back of your head. You don’t make plans in advance anymore because all you want to do is be available for when they need something from you.

Constantly Thinking of Your Future With Them

People who are falling in love might constantly think about their future with this person as a couple. They can’t help but imagine what it will be like to grow old together, and they even start to wonder if they want to marry them or have children with them.

It is perfectly normal for every couple going through the process of falling in love to think about what their perfect life will be like together, but if you are always thinking about this person when you are not with them, then that is a clear sign that your feelings for them are growing stronger every single day.

Always Expecting a Message From Them

People who are falling in love will always expect a message or some sort of contact from their significant other every single day. They might even think about them first thing when they wake up and the last thing before they go to sleep at night because this person is at the forefront of their mind all the time.

If you are always thinking about when they will message you next or when the two of you are going to meet up somewhere, then that’s a clear sign that your relationship is getting stronger with every passing minute.

Smiling All Day Long

It is totally normal to smile when you are around your friends and family, but if you’re smiling all the time because of something that has happened in your personal life, then it’s a sign that love is definitely in the air. You might be caught sneaking a smirk while thinking about this person whenever they aren’t around or you might start smiling for no reason at all when you are thinking about them.

No matter how hard you try to keep your feelings for this person a secret, the truth is that these three little words are going to slip out of your mouth before you know it if they haven’t already.

Can’t Stop Saying The Three-letter Words

There are plenty of three-letter words that you can possibly say in a day, but”love” is definitely not one of them. If this person has taken over your life and they are constantly on your mind, then it’s only normal to say their name out loud when you hear something interesting about them. However, saying the three-letter word is going to be a pretty clear sign that this person has done something different to you.

It’s hard to tell if you’re just in a phase or really falling head over heels for someone. These signs can help clarify whether or not your feelings are genuine and worth exploring further.

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