6 Musical Instruments You Can Easily Learn As An Adult

6 Musical Instruments You Can Easily Learn As An Adult

Music is a language, and learning how to speak this language and translate written notes into unspoken, beautiful messages makes life a kinder and more refined place. Learning to play music at any age is very beneficial not only for your soul but your brain too, as recent studies have shown that playing music and listening to it can actually make you smarter by strengthening your mental capacities. However, adults can get reluctant when it comes to learning how to play musical instruments, but they shouldn’t, as there are some instruments that adults can easily learn how to play. Read on to find out more about six musical instruments you can easily learn as an adult.

1. Ukulele

One of the easiest instruments ever, the Ukulele has only four strings that make picking up chords much easier than other string instruments. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks till you learn how to play Ukulele as a beginner and play your favorite songs. Even the best Ukuleles are affordable, and their small size makes traveling or taking them anywhere very easy. They are heavy duty but still, you need to handle them with care.

2. Harmonica

Harmonica notes are always in key, which makes it an easy instrument to learn at an older age. Due to its very small size, you can just put it in your pocket and take it with you to practice anywhere anytime. It is called the “Blues Harp”, but there are many music genres that would sound just as great on a harmonica. A harmonica might be the perfect instrument for beginners and adults.

3. Piano

Yes, that is right, the piano! Many think that playing the piano is very complicated. However, the truth is, it is not that hard. All you have to do is learn how to coordinate both hands at once, and then everything will run smoothly. One of the best things about learning how to play the piano is that the piano lays the foundation for learning other musical instruments. You don’t really get out of tune while playing the piano. Moreover, it is a very popular instrument, which makes it much easier to find online material to learn from.

4. Bongos

Bongos are classified as percussion instruments. However, they are simple and are not complicated as a full drum kit. They are very easy to learn the basics of, and once you master the bongos, you will have so much fun banging some salsa jams on them. They are easy to carry, which makes them perfect for jamming with your friends. If you want to improve your rhythm and expand your musical skills, bongos are just for you.

5. Recorder

If you are into wind instruments, go for the recorder. It is one of the easiest and cheapest instruments. Many think that all wind instruments take a lot of time to learn. However, with the recorder, you just need to learn how to coordinate your fingers, tongue, and breath at once, and that is very easy. This is why it is perfect for beginners who want to play beautiful tunes without spending much time learning. What’s more, a recorder is a light instrument that you can take with you anywhere to create whimsical music at your convenience.

6. Keyboard

Keyboards are very much like pianos; however, there are two main differences between them. The sound that comes out of the keyboard is electronically produced, and unlike the piano, it is portable. You’ll find that a keyboard is very low maintenance and can recreate different instruments’ sounds. It is the perfect instrument for adult beginners who want to play a versatile; however, low maintenance musical instrument.

Music plays on our emotions as listening to it can trigger a wide range of emotions in us like anger, joy, or sadness. Playing music and being able to pour your soul and express yourself in beautiful notes gives a person an incredible sense of serenity and liberation. You may look up to professional artists and think that you can never learn how to create beautiful pieces of music like them as you are too old to start learning how to play music. However, that is not true. If you put your mind into playing even the most complicated instrument you will be able to do it. Moreover, the piano, keyboard, recorder, bongos, harmonica, and ukulele are six instruments that you can easily learn even though you are an adult. It is never too late! Pick your instrument and start your journey with music and watch as your life becomes more joyful and fun.

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