6 Fun and Romantic Date Night Ideas

6 Fun and Romantic Date Night Ideas

Being in a relationship is great. Gone are the days of feeling lonely and you get to spend time with the one you love every single day. Everything is going well but it’s important to make sure that things don’t get a bit mundane or stale. That is why more and more couples are having regular date nights with their partners. Once the honeymoon phase is over it is very easy to fall into routines and forget to make as much effort. Here are 6 fun and romantic date night ideas.

Go for a romantic meal

Going out for a meal is something most of us enjoy doing. With such a wide array of different cuisines available these days, we are usually spoilt for choice. Whether it’s a new restaurant you want to try or revisiting the restaurant where you first met, going out for dinner never fails to please. You can have some alone time with no interruptions and great food.

A night away

Booking a night or weekend away in a hotel is a great idea if you want to surprise your partner. Even if you don’t own any transport it is still feasible. You can hire a car for a day or two from most downtown car rentals making it easy for you to get away from it all. If you want to make things extra special, ask the hotel to arrange some flowers or champagne for your arrival.

Ten-pin bowling

Ten-pin bowling is great fun. You can really let your hair down and have a good laugh. It might not be the most romantic of dates but it is guaranteed to put a smile on your faces. Just try not to get too competitive!

A visit to the theatre

Maybe your partner has a favorite musical or there’s a play you have always wanted to see. A night at the theatre is something a bit different. Go online to see what is on in your area. There’s usually a whole host of things to choose from. If you want to make it even more special, book a theatre box instead of normal seating.

Stay at home

Whilst there are lots of date night ideas that involve going out, you can have just as much fun staying in. Why not arrange a meal and movie night at home. Light some candles and make dinner together. Open a bottle of wine and listen to some music. When dinner is finished, you can snuggle on the sofa watching a movie. If you prefer not to cook then simply order in your favorite takeaway.

An evening picnic

An evening picnic is a lovely way to add a bit of extra romance into your relationship. Pack some of your favorite foods, some wine, and a picnic blanket and head to the park or a local viewpoint for the evening. You could even take a small speaker with you and listen to some romantic music whilst admiring the view.

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