6 Expert Tips To Increase Your Instagram Story Views

6 Expert Tips To Increase Your Instagram Story Views

You must have seen popular celebrities, influencers, and bloggers posting more Instagram stories than posts now. You might be familiar with IG stories if you have been using IG. IG stories acquired popularity in such a short time that it is considered as the most popular feature of IG but let me give you a nudge. This concept is nothing extraordinary or ground-breaking. In fact, it was just copied from Snapchat.

However, IG stories became so mainstream that almost 500 million people post IG stories every day. Even though IG is considered to be the app most-used by Gen Z but 60% of the millennials post and watch IG stories. In short, IG stories are like newspapers to people.

The best part about this feature is that you do not have to beat the IG algorithm to add the element of posting stories on your profile. IG basically marks your profile pictures in a beautiful rainbow circle, allowing your followers and non-followers to see what you have posted. This gives out a clue that you have something to show to them.

The popularity of IG stories is increasing day by day. Even influencers, bloggers and social media marketers managing brands’ engagement are preferring to post stories rather than images for responsive results.

6 Tactics to Increase Your Instagram Stories Engagement

The current state of social media channels is all about engaging with your followers. It’s not really about the views but how the people are reacting to your story posts.

If you are facing low engagement or views on your IG stories, you must be lacking some important factors. But do not worry, here are some to-rescue expert tips to increase your IG story views dramatically:

Narrate A Story Through Your IG Story

The first and foremost tip would always be to engage followers by narrating a story. You might be posting IG stories with dead ends. Try to shape your stories like a story. It should have a beginning and ending and the middle part.

It’s pretty easy to just post a few pictures or videos on your story but the real game is to engage them for more views.

If you are an influencer, here are the following things you can consider:

  • Highlight the sports activities or community services that you are involved in.
  • Reveal the exclusive behind the scenes in your IG stories.
  • Feature your normal routine or day at the workplace so that people can know you better through your stories.
  • As a brand, spotlight customer testimonials on IG stories to get views as well as new prospects.

Add Hashtags

To get more eyeballs on your IG story content, mention hashtags in them. For more prominence of the hashtags, use the relevant sticker. IG Story feature allows you to add one big hashtag sticker while 10 normal hashtags.

Whenever you add a hashtag, your story gets included in the hashtag search. This could help you reach the viewer count you have expected in no time.

Add Catchy Captions

A clever tactic to get followers’ attention is to add catchy captions to your stories. Most of the people have the sound off while watching the stories. So, if you want to get more views by talking to them, remember to put caption for ‘sound on’.

For maximum response and reach, you need to be more than just a babbling head on your story videos.

Use Stickers

Get the views by making your IG stories interactive and watch-worthy. IG has introduced stickers for stories that boom your story views. Here are the two types of stickers:

  • Question stickers.
  • Poll stickers.
  1. Question Stickers

Even though you can simply ask a question to your followers using IG story, using the sticker can make the session more interactive and engaging. For instance, if you answer someone’s question, IG will notify them. Hence, a view for each question answered.

  1. Poll Stickers

People on IG love polls. They would watch hundreds of stories just to answer polls. People get happy to view your stories if their preferences are being respected by you. Asking for general suggestions could also help you gain a lot of viewers.

Put Pictures That People Can Take Screenshot Of

To get more views on your IG stories, put pictures that people can take screenshots of. You can do it for entertainment or to boost engagement. The better your posts are, the more views you would get. Moreover, you can also post wallpaper images to your IG stories once in a blue moon for high view reach.

Go for Paid Followers/Views

Growing on Instagram through IG stories is pretty complicated. You have to put a lot of effort every day to make people see your story. Even though you have thousands of followers on your list, not everyone would view your story.

That is why many online companies offer IG story views and followers but you can’t be sure if they are fake or organic. There are only a few that actually promote your insta content on trending channels, websites, and social media pages.

In this regard, Instagrowing is a reliable Instagram promotion platform that could offer to you with thousands of real IG story views. With this site, you can build an effective online presence and have a long-lasting impact on your followers. While other companies take days to grow IG story engagement, you can get real views within a couple of hours.

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