4 Interesting Things You Should Know About CBD Products

4 Interesting Things You Should Know About CBD Products
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CBD or cannabidiol, after being demonized as one of the active components in marijuana, has transformed into a darling of the medical and scientific communities.

It’s easy to see why. New potential benefits are being found all the time. CBD has been shown to have positive effects in mitigating several diseases and managing chronic pain. Continuing research into the effectiveness of various strains of marijuana and their chemical compounds is stimulating interest in finding out what other uses there may be for the compound.

Currently, it’s being used in a number of applications, creams, balms, drinks, and food products, oils, and cigarettes. But there may still be a few things you don’t know about CBD and its products. Here are 4 things you may not know.

1.CBD products won’t get you high

This one may come as a surprise, but CBD does not get you high.

CBD is one of two chemical compounds in marijuana that scientists are interested in. The other is THC. If you’ve ever smoked marijuana and got high, you have THC to thank. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana and stimulates the areas of the brain responsible for regulating perception.

CBD, on the other hand, targets different areas of the brain and the body’s pain management system so products like those at won’t give you that buzz. Instead, you can expect CBD products to help you feel more relaxed.

2.CBD can be used to help with pain management as a substitute for more toxic drugs

As you may be aware, developed countries around the world are going through an opioid crisis. Millions are becoming addicted to opioid-based painkillers.

This is because they are being prescribed these strong drugs that stimulate certain chemical receptors in the brain. The body becomes used to the sensation and grows dependent on it. Eventually, those addicted need the opioids in larger and larger amounts, until either an overdose or death results.

CBD has shown to be effective in managing pain for people undergoing cancer treatment and chronic pain like arthritis. Because CBD does not stimulate the same chemical pathways leading to addiction, this problem is avoided. There is a very low risk of CBD users becoming dependent on it.

For this reason, it’s also used in the treatment of recovering drug addicts. They can substitute their former drug of choice with CBD to prevent withdrawal symptoms without the risk of becoming hooked on a new substance.

3.CBD has been proven effective in treating depression and anxiety

The COVID 19 pandemic has seen a rise in the number of people suffering from anxiety and depression. As the virus continues its onslaught this is understandable. Newer, deadlier strains of the virus and bad economic conditions make people more anxious. The fact that there seem to be no easy answers to this pandemic or the chaos it has created causes people to feel depressed.

Many people are turning to CBD products as an answer. They are looking for natural alternatives to traditional anxiety and depression medication. At a time when most industries are doing poorly, CBD product sales are soaring because of it.

Scientific studies on CBD’s effectiveness in treating anxiety and depression show promising results. Anecdotal evidence from persons who had both conditions was more definitive. They largely reported a significant reduction in their symptoms.

4.CBD product manufacture is one of the fastest-growing industries on earth

Given the reputation “stoners” have had over time, it may be surprising for you to find that the production of CBD is an industry that was worth $2.1 billion in 2020. Inc. Magazine says CBD is only a tiny part of the overall legalized marijuana market, which it projects will be worth 57 billion dollars by 2027.

The business magazine advised that those who were interested in becoming entrepreneurs should definitely take a look at the industry because of its growth potential over the next several decades.

It is also predicting a rise in the value of stock issued by CBD product companies.

Given both factors, it may be worth it to consider investing in CBD, either as a business owner, or a stockholder.

If you’ve held prejudices against marijuana and marijuana-derived products like CBD, it may be time to reconsider your opinions. CBD products are moving into the mainstream. Many unexpected people are starting to use CBD. Domestic maven, Martha Stewart has even endorsed a line of CBD products recently.

These 4 interesting things about CBD products should have demonstrated for you the necessity of keeping an open mind about them. They are far more useful than you might have believed.

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