10 Tips on Unique Wedding Presents for the Couple In 2021

10 Tips on Unique Wedding Presents for the Couple In 2021
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Traditionally newlyweds would receive money or gift cards as wedding presents. Now some prefer to create a present list that they share with the wedding party filled with items they want or need for their new house, or their honeymoon. All of these are great present ideas, but sometimes you want to get something that could be considered an unusual wedding gift. Buying these more specialized gifts can be tricky, that is why we have 10 of our top tips for purchasing unique wedding presents.

1. Consider the couple

The first and most important consideration is to really think about the couple and the things that they like. This will be easy to do if you know the couple well, if not you may have to snoop around and find out more about them to really get them something unique. Once you have considered the couple’s likes and interests, then you are in a better space to decide upon the perfect gift.

2. Shop around

If you want something unique then you will have to look in various places and online sites. This may take some time, but you can find some really great gems once you start looking. There are some great vendors that can help you create literally anything you would like, even though this is a niche you can usually barter and find some great deals.

3. Think outside the box

To find something truly unique you must think outside the box. Once you have considered the couple and shopped around, then you need to decide on what you would like to purchase for the happy couple. This can range from presents centered around their favorite hobbies or interests to personalized clothing. The most significant thing is that it is personal to them and not easy to find.

4. Get something made

This is a great way to make anything personal. Getting something made is a really unique present and means that it could be literally anything. Some have made couples beanbag chairs, games, or even items of clothing. Getting something made means there are no limits to your imagination.

5. Customization is key

If you are unable to get a gift made then you could customize something that you can purchase in most places. A key example of this is would be customizing a shirt, upholstery, or towels with their married initials. This could be a fun way to get them ready for their married life and home together.

6. Help them celebrate in style

A great present would be to get the newlyweds a bottle of personalized champagne, wine or a spirit that they really like. This could be made even more unique by using the couple’s wedding date, or other personal dates. The couple could then keep this bottle as memorabilia for years to come, or save the drink for an anniversary.

7. Think practically

Some couples would prefer a more practical gift as opposed to a thoughtful or meaningful one that is not really usable. A practical but unique gift can be hard to find. Keep the couple’s interests in mind when you pick out this gift, the more personalized the more practical it will be.

8. Minimalist or Decorative?

This is an important consideration that will help you on your unique present hunt. If the couple is more minimalist, then buying personalized memorabilia-type presents may not be a great place to start. These are for the more decorative person, or one that would like to fill their homes with fun and quirky trinkets.

9. Get them couples based present

These can range from experience days to spa breaks think about all the different couple-based presents that are out there and hone them into the couple in question. Try to take them out of their comfort zone, but still choose something they will enjoy.

10. Buy them an experience

This is the best and most unique presentation of all, purchasing a couple of experiences that they can cherish together forever. This could be a really adventurous gift, such as skydiving or scuba diving. Or it could be something very romantic and personal, like a couple’s massage or a minibreak.

Closing thoughts

There are many unique gifts that you can purchase for newlyweds in 2021. The ten top tips are there to help guide you and steer you to make the best choice for the couple whose marriage you are celebrating. Remember to keep it personal, interesting, and out of the ordinary. Unique gifts are really fun to plan and buy, but it can be a stressful ordeal. Make sure you have really thought about your gift and try to keep the couple guessing until the last minute.

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