Understand the Benefits of Having a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Understand the Benefits of Having a Social Security Disability Lawyer

When someone experiences a disability, it can affect every area of their life. If their capacity to work is affected, it can result in money worries too.

In some cases, it is possible to regularly receive benefits from Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI). If someone is a disabled war veteran they may also receive VA Compensation payments. This money may not be able to remove a disability, but it will help improve the quality of a person’s life.

It is a sad fact that many claims for these benefits are denied. People can appeal, however. In a lot of cases, people employ the services of a Social Security disability lawyer. Let’s now discuss the benefits of doing so.

They Can Help With The Application

If someone struggles to complete their application, it can endanger their chances of gaining benefits. According to the folks from, mistakes made during this stage have resulted in people being denied benefits. Untrained members of the public may battle with the entire process, struggling with ‘too much red tape and bureaucracy’.

People don’t need to be turned down for benefit applications before they can choose a lawyer. Instead, they can receive legal help from day one. Lawyers can provide a free review of their claims. They can also collate medical information and obtain a doctor’s medical assessment.

Several conditions qualify to receive the benefits, such as vision or hearing loss, respiratory disease, mental illness, cancer, musculoskeletal issues, heart conditions, or autoimmune disease. Attorneys can use their professional experience to put forward a strong case and to choose the best medical category.

The Money May Be Paid Faster

When attorneys produce the application rather than a layman, there should be fewer queries or errors. Professional help can sometimes get the claim approved quicker.

Their application may be classified as a high priority if someone is in a desperate financial position. This would include if the person was homeless or were experiencing foreclosure on their house. A person with a terminal medical condition may also request an OTR (on-the-record) decision. If successful, the benefits would be paid without the need for a court hearing.

Lawyers Can Help With The Complete Process

A Mississippi report found that only three out of ten initial claims were approved. When reconsideration claims were made, only 6% of these were successful. Nonetheless, it is worth appealing if the attorney believes you have a good case.

It can be a real relief for a disabled person when they can leave it to the lawyer to draft a full brief for the ALJ (Administrative Law Judge). They will also feel more confident in court when the attorney has prepared them for questioning.

If a hearing before a judge is unsuccessful, the matter can be referred to a higher council. Failed application can be sent to the Federal Court, which is the last option. Social Security disability lawyers can be your legal advocates during this process. They will be qualified to prepare you for each hearing and to compile the requested documentation.

Legal Fees May Not Be An Issue

If you have sent off your application without a lawyer and are awaiting a decision, there is no point employing one at this stage, or you’ll be paying them for nothing.

Once an attorney has been secured, finances may not be a problem. This is because there may be either nothing or only a small sum to pay at the beginning. It’s worth checking an attorney’s website because many firms offer a ‘no win no fee’ policy. If someone is successful in their application, the lawyer will then take their fees from the backdated benefit payment.

They Will Have Observable Merits

When someone researches online to find the best disability lawyer, they will be able to discover their strengths. It may be that the professional has been in business for a long time. They may be highly qualified and experienced in obtaining benefits for their clients. Their success record may also be mentioned, alongside client testimonials.

To complete the assessment, it’s important to have a free consultation with the lawyer. It’s essential the person feels comfortable enough with them to discuss such sensitive issues as health and personal finance. Just because someone has an initial consultation, it doesn’t mean they are now tied to choosing this person.

Benefit claims can take anything from months to years to be resolved. While many requests are declined, a person will be in the best place possible if they employ a professional. They will know what to submit and when and be equal to the task from start to finish.

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