Top Proven Ways To Lose Weight And Achieve The Body You Want

Top Proven Ways To Lose Weight And Achieve The Body You Want
Ponyo Sakana

Yes, losing weight quickly is possible. Several fad diets promise drastic weight loss but leave you feeling hungry and deprived. But what is the point of losing weight if you will gain it back again? A slow, steady weight loss plan will help you lose weight permanently. Many experts suggest a simple change in lifestyle rather than a “diet” to achieve weight loss.

A pound of fat equals 3,500 calories. You can drop approximately a pound a week by losing 500 calories per day through dietary and exercise adjustments. If you wish to maintain your existing weight, cutting 100 calories per day will prevent you from gaining the extra 1-2 pounds many adults gain each year.

Get off to an excellent start by following these 7 weight shed tips.

Never Skip Breakfast

It may sound strange, but one practice that many of those who have lost weight and maintained their weight loss practices have in common is the habit of eating breakfast every morning. Many people believe that skipping breakfast allows them to consume fewer calories; however, they usually overeat during the course of the day.

Studies have shown that those who eat breakfast regularly have lower BMIs than those who skip breakfast, and they perform better at school and at work, too.

For a quick and nutritious start to your day, combine fruits and low-fat dairy products with your bowl of whole-grain cereal.

Select Your Calories With Caution

Sweetened drinks load up on calories, but they do not reduce hunger the way solid foods do. To quench your thirst, drink water, skim or low-fat milk, sparkling water with citrus, or small portions of 100% fruit juices.

Try drinking a glass of low-calorie and nutritious vegetable juice between meals if you get hungry. Be aware of alcohol calories as they add up quickly. If you regularly drink one or two glasses of wine or cocktails on weekdays, you can greatly cut calories by restricting alcohol to weekends.

Do Not Eat At Night

Establish a time for when to stop eating to prevent you from getting the munchies at midnight or unconsciously snacking while watching television. If you would like something sweet after dinner, have a cup of tea, snack on hard candy, or savor a small bowl of frozen yogurt, light ice cream, but brush your teeth right after your meal, so you are less likely to consume more sugary foods.

Eat Fresh Foods

By consuming a variety of low-calorie, high-quantity fruits and vegetables, you are less likely to consume foods that build the calories. Swap the places between the meat and the vegetables. Let the vegetables take center place.

Stock up on vegetables and fruits and include a serving at every meal and snack.

These substances will enrich your diet with vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals, and fiber, so you’re less likely to reach for those cookie jars.

Consider Surgery

This is not always the go-to option, but it is a very viable way to shed that excess weight.

Weight loss surgeries have been proven to be effective and safe. However, whether you go for mini gastric bypass surgery or traditional gastric surgery, it’s best to get advice from qualified professionals with extensive knowledge about the procedure. Deciding to opt for surgery can be a really tough decision, and it usually comes as a last resort and requires a doctor’s counsel.

Trim Portions

If you do nothing more than cut portion sizes by 10% to 20%, you will lose weight. The average serving size at restaurants and homes is larger than you need. Pull out your measuring cups and get an idea of how you usually eat and work on reducing the amount. Use small bowls, cups, and plates to obtain instant portion control. You will not feel deprived since the food will look abundant in dainty dishes.

Get Very Active

Being physically active is vital to losing and maintaining weight. Exercise has several health benefits, and can also help to burn off calories you cannot get rid of with diet alone.

Choose an activity you will enjoy and will be able to fit into your daily routine.

You should also purchase a pedometer to keep track as you gradually increase the number of steps you take each day.

Also, whenever possible, be more active throughout the day. Pace while you talk on the phone, march during televised advertisements, and take the dog for an extra walk. Having a pedometer can serve as both a reminder and a constant motivator.

Use Low-fat Products

Whenever possible, replace high-fat dressings, dairy products, mayonnaise, and other products with low-fat alternatives. When you use lighter and low-fat products, you can minimize calories with ease.

Learn how to read food labels to be able to select healthier options when you go grocery shopping.

Take time out to practice these tips and closely monitor your progress. It takes some time to begin to see physical changes, but it works. Remember, if you ever consider opting for surgery, speak with a qualified and experienced professional before making any decisions.

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