The Impact of Technology On Motorsport

The Impact of Technology On Motorsport
Patrick Robert Doyle

Modern technology is the hub of practically everything we do these days, and the motorsport industry is no exception. Technology has become essential to every operation in racing events.

The upcoming Race at Road America will portray the use of some of the latest technological innovations in NASCAR racing.

According to Steve O’Donnell, Chief Racing Development Officer, and NASCAR Executive Vice President, NASCAR is the first sport that will incorporate technology in every minute and second of each race.

Impact of Technology on Motorsport

Here’s how technology has had a significant impact on Motorsport:

  • Safety

In February 2020, Ryan Newman, a NASCAR driver, was involved in a near-fatal crash. While he was still racing on the track, his car flipped and was hit by another vehicle as it burst into flames.

Fortunately, and thanks to the installed safety innovations, Newman was saved. The safety features were invented following a previous fatal crash that occurred recently.

What saved Newman was the impact-absorbing technologies, such as the toe board foam, state-of-the-art seatbelts, roof flats, window nets, etc, that protected the NASCAR driver’s extremities during the crash. Another tragedy would have been recorded if these features were not in place during that frontal impact.

  • Higher horsepower

After several hours of on-track and wind tunnel testing, including feedback from drivers and the entire motorsport industry, NASCAR will now move to lower downforce and higher horsepower for every one of its non-speedway NASCAR Cup Series events.

The setup will feature a 4-inch spoiler and 670 horsepower engine, which will result in intense, strong competition. This will also put the entire race directly and without evasion in the hands of the best drivers worldwide.

This is the primary goal set for the motorsport industry as the Next-Gen car is developed. The Chief Racing Development Officer has expressed confidence in the direction NASCAR is headed. The entire industry looks forward to motorsport racing in 2022 and beyond.


The overall impact of technology on Motorsport cannot be overstated. NASCAR has shown no sign of slowing down in the implementation of the latest auto-related – and non-auto-related technologies in the tournaments slated for this year.

Crew coaches and crew chiefs will update the latest systems as they gear up for the NASCAR events this year. This shows just how much the latest technology has transformed not just NASCAR but the entire motorsport industry.

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