How To Send Money To Colombia

How To Send Money To Colombia

A vacation to South America may be the most exciting time of your life, but you need cash to make your trip safe and fun. You can use money transfers to send money where it needs to go, and you could use further transfers to send money to your traveling party while you are in Colombia. Use the steps below to ensure that you can manage your money properly when traveling.

How Is Money Transferred To A Place Like Colombia?

Sending money to Colombia requires a bit of research before you complete a transfer. You need to know if there is a transfer office close to where you will be staying. You also need to know how long these transfers take to complete. Look into the exchange rates you will get, how much you will be charged in fees, and what kind of money you can send.

Is There A Transfer Office Near Your Hotel?

You may have chosen to travel to a place like Cartagena or Bogota. You might travel along the coast because you are on a cruise, or you might backpack through the mountains. Check the destinations where you will stay. Make certain that there is a transfer office close to your hotel, and schedule a time to pick up the money that is convenient for you.

If you need extra money, you can ask someone from the States to send more money to the same transfer office. However, it is almost impossible to get a money transfer if you are in a place with no banks or transfer offices/wire companies.

Which Currency Do You Want To Receive?

American dollars are a hot commodity in many parts of the world, but you need to decide if American dollars will be helpful during your trip. You may choose to receive American dollars so that you can tip people and pay street vendors. However, you may need Colombian pesos for hotels, restaurants, and large purchases.

Check The Exchange Rate And Fees

You need to know the exchange rate you will be given by the transfer company. You cannot check the exchange rate online and expect to get that rate. Banks and transfer companies use their own rates, and you do not want to lose money because you got a bad rate. You need to ask what the fee is for a single transfer. Plus, you need to ask if there is a fee to pick up the money. You may need to pay a fee in certain areas.

You Do Not Want To Regret Missing Out On Experiences In Colombia

When you travel to Colombia, you do not want to miss out on any experiences because you do not have extra cash to spend. Sending money to Colombia to pay for tours and activities ahead of time will help pay for the trip before you travel. However, you also need to make sure someone back home can send a bit more money if you need it. You never want to come home from your trip with any regrets.


The vacation that you have planned for Colombia will be one of the best experiences of your life, but you need cash that can be spent on tips, food, and experiences. You can work with a transfer company that will send the money to an office near your hotel, and you could even send the money ahead of time to ensure that certain tours or activities are paid for. Do your research before sending the transfer, check on the offices in the area, check the exchange rate, and ask about fees before committing to a transfer/wire company.

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