Quick And Tasty Sandwiches That You Can Easily Make At Home

Quick And Tasty Sandwiches That You Can Easily Make At Home

When you are home, there are some meals that you can quickly whip up; one of them is sandwiches. Though they come in different varieties, you can whip them up quickly. Some though are not the kind that you get to make at home.

What are some of the quick and tasty sandwiches that you can easily make at home? This entirely depends on what ingredients you have available when looking to make delicious sandwiches at home. Below are some of the tasty and quick sandwiches that you can make at home.

 Veg Club Sandwich

The first up on the list is the vegan type of sandwich for all those who have gone vegan. This is a type of sandwich that has a healthy fill of vegetables in it. There are fried veggies in the sandwich inside the sandwich that make it juicy and delicious.

Some of the ingredients that you will find in this sandwich are lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, and onions. There can be a twist with cucumber, among other veggies that go well with the same. You can choose what you can add or reduce depending on your taste.

Mumbai Style Veg Grilled

Another easy-to-prepare sandwich that you can make on the go is this grilled vegetable sandwich. You can typically find these sandwiches in Indian restaurants and cafes. They are pretty quick that you can do for breakfast; you can even do them as a snack.

What you need for this one are the veggies that you prefer. For example, you can have lettuce, tomatoes, onions, among other veggies. Once you have all the sandwich setup, you can then grill it. You can also opt to grill the bread first before you add anything.

Chicken Mayo Sandwich

The next one that you need to try out has got to be this chicken mayo sandwich. For this one, all you need to do is to have boiled chicken and mayo for it to come alive. You can also have coriander for some works of creativity too.

If you want to further spice up this sandwich, you can spice up the chicken. But it would help if you had done this before. When it’s a clear chicken and sandwich, you want to add the chicken then spread mayo. You can then sprinkle the coriander to add to the presentation. When you are using spiced chicken, the idea is pretty much the same.

Hot Dog Sandwich

One of the oldest ideas that have been used to whip up quick sandwiches has got to be the hot dog sandwich. As the name suggests, you need to have hot dogs and a few other ingredients for creativity. You can have tomatoes and other veggies.

Here, it would help if you chopped the hot dog into circular pieces; you don’t want them to be too small. You want them to be those that you can feel when you bite on. Then add the veggies to spice it all up. You can also use mayonnaise to give it a juicy taste.

Cheese and Chocolate Sandwiches

When you have kids and breakfast time, you can be overwhelmed with their constant bickering. When you need a quick fix, this is the type of sandwich that you need to go for. Here, all you need is the sandwich, the cheese, and choco chips.

You can make this interesting for the kids with melted chocolate when you don’t have the two. You can also opt for cream cheese or mozzarella cheese to make this sandwich. The first thing you can do is grill the sandwich and then spread the additives – cheese and chocolate.

Boiled Egg Sandwich

Some people don’t appreciate other forms of eggs other than boiled eggs. When you are one of those people, you can opt for the boiled egg sandwich. This isn’t only a tasty recipe but also a healthy one.

It can be used for brunch or breakfast. To prepare this sandwich, you don’t need much other than boiled eggs and a few veggies, which are used to spice it up.

Guacamole Sandwich

The last sandwich that’s an easy fix on this list is the guacamole sandwich. You need to know how to prepare guacamole first before you can get this sandwich. The ingredients to prepare guacamole are avocado, tomatoes, coriander, and onions.

It may sound a bit complicated to prepare for this, but it isn’t. You only need to cut the ingredients into small pieces and mix them up in a bowl. Once you have done that, you need to spread the mixture on your sandwich now. The sandwich can be dry or grilled, whichever way that appeals to you.

Breakfast should be all about food on the go as you may be going to work and the kids to school. When looking for sandwich quick fixes, you need to have a good list of options that you can look up. Above are some of the quick and tasty ones you can consider.

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