Main Skincare Innovations Made in 2020

Main Skincare Innovations Made in 2020
Raphael Lovaski

What is the meaning of the word skincare? What are skin care products and how are these items supposed to be used? Skincare can mean several things. It may refer to the general care that one gives to one body. This means that one has to do all the right things that maintain one body’s skin integrity and health. It can also refer to the range of practices that one engages in to ensure that their skin is healthy, has the best appearance, and care that relieves skin conditions, prevention of skin injuries, or prevention of dermatitis among other conditions. Nowadays many people are concerned about their health, that’s why for safety reasons, they choose only the best natural deodorant UK can offer, but other skincare products are no less important for health. Are there some innovations that have been made in the skincare industry in the UK or the entire world? We shall discuss this topic in this article.

How to build a skincare routine

There are many types of skincare products and routines that one can adopt to improve their skin health. Regardless of whether one has dry or moist skin, there are specific products that can work for the skin you have. There are some concerns that you may have about your skin. These are things such as acne, dark spots, scarring, and so on. These four skincare routines can help you to maintain healthy skin. These are:

1. Cleansing

This is a very important routine that you should adapt to maintain healthy skin. Cleansers are used for this purpose. They are good for all skin types. When choosing a cleanser, ensure you use one that does not leave the skin tight after you have washed.

2. Serums

You may love to use a serum that has vitamin C, peptides, or growth factors. Use these in the morning, under sunscreen. When night comes, you will want to use prescription retinoids or retinol as these work better.

3. Moisturizing

These are good for giving your skin moisture. All skin types will need a moisturizer. For oily skins, a lightweight moisturizer will be suitable. However, choose one that is gel-based, lightweight, and non-comedogenic.

4. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is also a very important skincare product that one should use to protect their skin in the scorching sun. Use at least 30 SPF sunscreen 15 minutes before you go outdoors. You will need to use more sunscreen if you are fair-skinned.

Having discussed the above 4 skincare routines, it is time for us to discuss some main skincare innovations that were made in 2020. This should be a good way for you to understand the skin care products you can buy and use in the coming days.

Here are some major skincare innovations of 2020:

L’Oréal’s Personalized beauty

This is one of the major innovations that were accomplished in 2020. The technology Incubator department of the company has developed a skincare smart system that can provide personal skincare solutions. There are steps that the system uses to develop a personal skincare solution. These are steps such as the skin of the user, the user’s preferences, and the weather conditions. With this device, one can have custom formulas made for their needs. Lipstick and foundation formula is made through this process. This device should be launched in 2021 with L’Oréal’s skincare brand partner.

Tailored 3D mask

This is another smart skincare innovation of 2020. Amorepacific, a Korean beauty company has come up with a 3D mask printing system and created it in collaboration with Lincsolution 3D printing system developer. Amorepacific uses a smartphone app that can measure a user’s facial dimension. It then prints a hydrogel mask that is personalized and caters to the skin conditions and facial features of the user.

At home AI mirror

Artificial intelligence has also been introduced in the mirrors used for beauty and skincare purposes. A Korean manufacturer, INCO.AI has presented a smart mirror that is intended for home use. The company has a new model of the AI mirror, the Venus model that comes with a 7-inch touchscreen LCD screen and a skin diagnostic or AR make up function, Alexa built-in, LED ring lights for your makeup needs, a mood lamp, and a host of other artificial intelligence tools.

Smartphone skin analysis

This is another innovation that was perfected in 2020 by Neutrogena. The Skin 360 app that was presented in 2018 at the CES 2018 works by analyzing your selfie. This means that one does not need a separate skin analysis tool. Right now, the selfie analysis technology is powered by YouCam from Perfect Corp. So, how has this technology helped in skincare issues? Well, with the selfie analysis, you can, in a flash, tell a broad range of parameters about the skin. You can have the app analyze and tell you about wrinkles, dark spots, smoothness, under-eye circles, fine lines, and so on.

Self-Care Technology

There are many self-care devices that were introduced in 2020. These are DIY beauty products that people can buy and improve their beauty and skincare. You see, many consumers are spending more time at home and this offers them sufficient time to access the latest technology in augmented reality, virtual consultations, and artificial intelligence. These devices can also offer personal data, making it easy for one to manage their skincare matters. The AI-enabled massage by Waveon is one such technology. The AI vibration therapy offered by this gadget ensures that one gets services such as cooling, LED therapy, heating, galvanic, and can deliver nutrients and moisture deep into the skin. The technology by this company can also cleanse the skin, prevent moisture loss, and reduce the size of the pores.

Frontis AR Beauty Mirror Solution

This is another innovation made by Frontis of South Korea that allows users to consult about skincare issues. One can also get recommendations on their skincare needs and products. This is done through skin analysis, AI and AR chatbots, and so on.

Hair Growth Comb

This is another technology by Zhongshan Cenci company of China. This is an intelligence technology company that uses a hair growth comb with high-frequency vibration to massage your scalp and infrared light helps to promote hair growth.

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