The Hottest Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2021

The Hottest Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2021
Amanda Vick

Summer is fast approaching, and it calls for a wardrobe upgrade following the latest trends of the season. If you need further convincing, then look no further. A Macys cash back promo awaits you when you decide which statement piece will be the highlight of your summer fashion.

So what are the hottest trends for Spring/Summer 2021?

1. Monochrome Mania

According to fashion authority Vogue, the monochrome trend persists in its trend prediction at the start of the year. Fashion houses Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana have proven this prediction to be true in their Spring/Summer collections with pieces dominated by black and white.

2. Masked in Style

Leave it to a fashionista to turn the mask into an accessory. With the threat of the virus not going away soon, we might as well get creative with something we’re stuck with for what seems to be a long time. If you haven’t upgraded your mask collection yet to match your wardrobe, then you might want to check out Vogue’s recommendation list here.

3. Wrapped in Lace and Strings

With the looming summer heat threatening to drench us in sweat, now’s a good time to consider letting your skin breathe in comfy lace and strings. This summer’s fashion trend still includes the bralette and midriff strings, leaving many opportunities for you to experiment with.

4. Cling to Curves

Skin-tight dresses are here to make a comeback. After almost a year of lounging in sweats and oversized shirts (not that there’s anything wrong about it!), it’s time for some sexy change with skin-bearing, body-hugging pieces.

5. Trousers Over Joggers

Go for statement trousers that will spruce up even your most laid-back outfit, pairing it with your favorite plain shirt. We know you love sweats, but once you find the right pair of trousers (Wide leg pants are all the rave now!), you might just never look back.

6. House Slippers On The Streets

Comfort is the name of the game this Spring/Summer 2021. According to Net-A-Porter, the humble slip-on has now turned into a must-have fashion statement of the season. If you don’t have a fashionable pair on your rack yet, then we suggest you take a look at what JW Anderson, Gucci, and Fendi have on the shelves for you.

7. High-waisted and Bootleg Jeans

A closet staple that’s sure to emphasize curves is the high-waisted boot-leg jeans. Ditch some of those skinny jeans for this classic and pair them with a bralette or a crop top for the ultimate summer statement.

8. The Modern Button-up

An excellent old button-up is another timeless piece that’s set to steal the show this season. While whites and blues are well and good, the classic button-up is now getting a revamp in silk, lace, and statement buttons. Pair it with your favorite jeans, a slip-on, or your favorite boots, and you’re all set.

Get Ready With Your Spring/Summer Fashion Statement

Now that we’ve kept you up to date on some of the anticipated trends for this year’s Spring/Summer season, it’s time to decide which pieces to get.

To get you started, we’re helping you steal the show with this Macys cashback promo. Here’s to welcoming summer with a show-stopping fashion statement!

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