Different Stairlift Types You Should Know About

Different Stairlift Types You Should Know About

The freedom to move around and do as you see fit in your home is a comfort that everyone should be able to enjoy, but sadly, many are not so lucky because of medical conditions, age, and other impediments that block their ability to fully enjoy their home. The solution to this problem is not always simple, but one way to enjoy the freedom of your home and everything in it is with the use of a stairlift.

Stairlifts are a seated device that allows you to move up and down from floor to floor in a quick, safe, and effective manner so that no part of your home is off-limits due to a complication. They can help you retain your mobility and allow you to enjoy your home once again without feeling like you are a burden to yourself. Here are some of the different types of stairlifts that you should know about if you are interested in a device for your home.

Straight Stairlift

The most common type of stairlift is the straight stairlift. This is for stairways that go straight up without any curves or angles, and as you can see at, they also happen to be the least expensive. The reason for this is that they are much easier to install and require less work to get operating properly because of the simplicity of going up in a straightforward fashion. These stairlifts can start around $2000, which doesn’t sound cheap, but in the grand scheme of things it opens up your home for more enjoyment. Not to mention, the risk of injury trying to mount your stairs without any aid can cost much more in hospital bills. This is likely the most common type of stairway and stairlift you will find.

Curved Stairlift

The next is the curved stairlift. Curved stairways are a little trickier because they include the curvature of the banister and wall, or they are angled at odd degrees. This is a common type of stairway as well, but it makes it slightly more difficult to install. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to get stairlifts like these, as they are also common, but it’s important to note that they can be a little more expensive due to the fact that they are harder to install. These stairlifts can cost roughly $1000 more than a straight stairlift, which also amounts to a longer install time.

Outdoor Stairlift

For homes that have outdoor stairs on decks, patios, or entrance staircases, there are outdoor stairlifts to help accommodate mobility needs even outside of the home. These stairlifts are very durable as they need to withstand the elements, like wind, rain, or even snow. They are coated with durable vinyl or weatherproof covers to make sure that they will not break down, rust, or get damaged in the conditions. They are extremely useful if you like to get outdoors and enjoy nature but need assistance getting back inside the home. The staircases can be either straight or curved as well, and with a little customization, a stairlift can be installed.

Platform Stairlifts

A platform stairlift is a type of lift that is needed for people who have extremely limited mobility, often requiring a wheelchair as assistance in moving around. The platform allows the individual to easily and safely wheel onto it which allows the device to lift them up the staircase without ever having to get in or out of the wheelchair. This is incredibly helpful for those that cannot do without their wheelchair and allows them to enjoy mobility around their house. These inclined lifts can be installed inside and outside the home, as well as on curved stairways.

Notable Stairlift Features

Foldable Seat and Footrest

Reduce the space that the stairlift takes up in the stairway for anyone going up and down that does not require it. Can be automatically powered as well for even easier operation.

Safety Sensor

A sensor that detects any objects on the stairs on the pathway of the lift. Objects can get stuck between the bottom of the seat and cause harm. This, along with a seatbelt feature, greatly reduces risk.

Swivel Seat

Allows for a much better range of motion for the operator of the stairlift. The use of a swivel seat gives the user a safer way to exit the stairlift and makes it easier to get in and out.

Remote Operation

Controls that allow a user to remotely call the chair up or down the stairway. This is useful when there are multiple users of a chair.

Finding the right stairlift is easy when you know what kinds there are, as well as the features that can be included.

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