How To Decide the Dosage of CBD Oil For Dogs

How To Decide the Dosage of CBD Oil For Dogs

First, some general tips

When deciding the dosage of cannabis oil for your pet, there are several important factors to consider. They can be generalized into three things.

First, the potency of the product. CBD treatment can come in the form of oil, treats, capsules, salves, and tinctures. All of these things ate prepared differently, and have different concentrations of active ingredients, and behave differently in the body. Make sure that you re accurately informed about what you intend to use on your dog.

The bodily size and weight of your dog is a crucial factor. Keep in mind: when we say weight, we are referring to its actual body mass, which means fur doesn’t count! If your pet is a breed that requires haircuts, rather than shedding with the seasons, then you are best off weighing them fresh after a cut. If you have a shedding one, though, consult your vet or a grooming expert on how much weight you can discount on the hair. You may also want to check out the dog-human weight converter tool for each breed at this link.

The condition you are attempting to remedy. Different problems will require different medicine. Their nature and severity will play a huge role in determining just how much hemp to feed to your animal friend. For this point, rely entirely on what your vet tells you. Amateur guesswork is not good for your pet’s wellbeing.

In addition, holistic and alternative vet care providers advise the following: always consult your vet prior to any complementary or alternative treatments. Your dog might actually not be able to take the things you have in mind.

Observe the activity trends of your pet – this can give you a clue into their metabolic rate and how they will process the CBD that you give them. Also check up on their heart, kidney, and liver. Underlying conditions will also affect the reception and processing of the oil.

Purchase from reputable manufacturers, such as or whomever else your vet recommends. This industry is still “gray”, so there aren’t any precise regulations in pace on the legal levels. Be wary of scammers looking to turn a quick profit by selling subpar concoctions. Always do your research. Also, look into the right substance potency for your dog: small and large breeds can’t handle the same stuff!

So how much should you give your pet?

The rule of thumb is to start minimal and then gradually increase. Each manufacturer will have their own dosage recommendations appropriate to each product, and these vary widely. The best strategy is to start with the absolute minimum amount and then gradually, over a period of time, ease into the dose that is cited in the manufacturer’s guidelines. You may also want to learn how to calculate these things for yourself so that you can always double-check your progress.

How to calculate the dose for medicinal purposes

If your intention is to use CBD oil for treating arthritis or seizures, you will need to adjust dosages over time. Start with your dog’s weight and use that to determine how many milligrams (mg of CBD) it needs. The general safe guideline is 0.2mg of CBD for each pound of dog mass.

Next, you have to figure out the specific dosage of the specific product, by looking at milligrams (mg) of CBD per milliliter (ml) of oil. Each formula will be different, depending on the manufacturer, so it pays to also know the clinical picture:

The most common formulas have relatively standardized strengths. Here is a reference for you.

The 75mg formulas usually have 2.5mg of CBD per ml of oil. The150mg ones have 5mg, the 300mg variants boast double that, and the string 600mg products contain again double, so 20 mg per milliliter.

Now, suppose your dog weighs fifty pounds. It would need 50 x 0.2mg which gives you 10 milligrams of CBD. You can give it a single dose of the 300mg formula, or two doses of the 150mg one, or four doses of the 75mg one. Halving the dose of the 600mg formula isn’t recommended, however, for preciseness concerns.

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