CBD Oil for Migraine Relief: What Does the Science Say?

CBD Hemp Oil

The use of CBD oil for medicinal purposes has become increasingly popular in recent years, and more people are now claiming that CBD oil is helping to relieve their aches, pains, and medical conditions. It is estimated that around 38 million people in the US suffer from migraines, and around 2 to 3 million people are chronic sufferers where their migraines affect their ability to go about their day to day life.

Due to the complexities surrounding migraines and the different triggering factors that exist around them, it can often be difficult to find a form of relief that suits all sufferers. However, CBD oil has become of significant interest to migraine sufferers recently and there have been growing testimonies that it is an effective remedy that soothes and sometimes even alleviates pain. Here is a look at the use of CBD oil for migraine relief and what the science behind it has to say about CBD oil being used by migraine sufferers.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil, which stands for Cannabidiol, is one of the 104 compounds that are known as cannabinoids that are found in cannabis.  However, despite it being found in the cannabis plant, it is not the psychoactive chemical that causes users to get high after using it. It is important to know the difference between THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive substance, and CBD oil, as they both have very different purposes, and depending on where in the world you are from, you may find yourself using an illegal substance.

Therefore, CBD oil has become a very appealing product for pain sufferers, without the additional side effects that come from using strong pharmaceutical pain killers or the cannabis plant itself. Due to the testimonies and research projects that have found a link between CBD oil and a reduced feeling of pain, the CBD oil market has exploded in recent years and you can get CBD wholesale so that pain sufferers always have safe CBD pain relief on hand if needed.

Can It Help My Migraines?

Suffering from migraines is a complex disorder. It is a neurological condition that is often described as a very intense and long-lasting headache. There can be additional symptoms of migraines, including nausea and increased sensitivity to noise and bright lights. Due to the severe side effects that migraines can cause, it is no surprise that many sufferers are seeking CBD oil as a form of pain relief.

One of the first scientific studies to look at CBD oil and migraines was back in 2016 using 121 adults, and it found that the number of monthly migraine attacks had fallen from 10.4 to 4.6. This showed that not only did the CBD oil ease the pain of migraines, it could also be used to prevent migraines.

More Recent Studies

Since this study, there have been more science projects carried out that have prompted an outcry from all over the world that CBD oil (also sometimes referred to as medical cannabis) should be used medicinally by healthcare professionals. While some states have legalized cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes, many states and other countries across the globe still criminalize the use of cannabis. This is despite research that has shown that due to the anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant effects of CBD oil, it is beneficial to alleviate the pain and instances of migraines for sufferers.

There are many scientific studies that have been carried out to show that CBD oil can be effective for those who suffer from chronic migraines. However, you should do your research and discuss CBD oil with your doctor before self-prescribing. Read more at

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