How to Build a Thriving Career as a Stand-Up Comedian

Stand Up Comedian

You’d think it would go without saying, but in order to become an incredible stand-up comedian, you need to be funny. Whether your humor is self-deprecating or politically-driven, it’s wise to find a niche you can thrive in. Even though there’s no official school for comedians, you’ll need to develop your own curriculum to learn the craft of stand-up comedy. This is especially true if you’d like to build a career off of comedy. While it’s not an easy feat, you can absolutely accomplish this goal with dedication and hard work. Consider the following components when you’re looking to map out your career.


The professional comedians might make the process look really easy when they do their stand-up specials. However, those specials take a significant amount of time to prepare. There’s a lot of writing, editing and practicing on different audiences. One of the ways you can work on your content is through consistent practice. First, take time to write your jokes. Think about the punch lines you’d like to have. Then, find people who are willing to listen to your jokes. It’s even a great idea to consider recording yourself. You can record yourself when you have an audience and when you don’t. Take note of your body language, timing, and confidence. In a lot of ways, comedy is a lot like acting. You have to own the stage you’re on.

Business-Related Affairs

When you’ve decided to begin a career in stand-up comedy, it’s best to make sure you have the right business infrastructure. When you start making money and tax season rolls around, you don’t want to find yourself in a position where you’re scrambling to manage it all. Create a separate business bank account. It’s also wise to get a business tax ID, an accountant, and a filing system. Once you’ve developed a system for how you’ll manage your finances, it’s good to take a look at your calendar. Stand-up comics need to show up to comedy clubs, talent shows, and competitions in order to earn money. If you currently have a full-time or part-time job that sustains you as you transition into this career, set up a timeline or an exit strategy. You’ll want to create a budget that honors the goals you have while it allows you to pay your bills and live comfortably.


Visibility is incredibly important within this competitive marketplace. One of the best places to gain visibility in social media. Create a few accounts on different platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Currently, Instagram allows you to produce minute-long videos without interruption. Use that time frame in order to create your own skits or stand-up comedy snippets. As you try different material out, take note of what seems to go viral. If you’re consistent and funny enough, you’ll eventually have your fair share of viral moments. The key is to always be ready. Keep in mind that you don’t need to go out to purchase a really fancy camera. You can easily record these videos on your iPhone. Use the right keywords and hashtags in order to gain the right type of traction.

Monetization Strategies

As you gain visibility on different platforms, your audience will naturally grow. Don’t wait until you have hundreds of thousands of followers in order to produce your own merchandise. As a stand-up comedian, it’s wise to walk with merchandise when you’re performing at venues. If you have a really great punchline that your audiences love, write the joke on the t-shirt. This will help your followers remember who you are and how hard you made them laugh. Plus, there’s nothing quite like a repeat buyer. When you have someone who loves what you do so much, they’re willing to pay high prices to show up and support whatever you’re doing. Consider your price point before you launch merchandise. It’s also good to consider the cost of goods and labor. If you’re using enterprise magento instead of Shopify Plus, take a close look at the different brands and what they truly promise to offer when you’re creating an e-commerce store.


Consider how long you’d like to exist in the world of comedy. If you have dreams to become the next Eddie Murphy or Kevin Hart, you’ve got to put in a lot more work than the average person. Maintain partnerships, mentorships, and friendships with other comedians in your niche. As you get tips and learn the tricks of the trade, you’ll bet able to adopt those gems into your own career as you move forward toward your goal. Don’t feel bad if people don’t support you immediately. When you’re getting started with any major goal, people might not root for you. In many cases, people are ignored by their family members and friends when they’re pursuing something great. Sometimes, it’s jealousy. However, no matter what it is, don’t let it stop you from moving forward toward your ultimate dream of longevity as a stand-up comedian.

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