4 Causes of Car Accidents You Should Be Aware Of

4 Causes of Car Accidents You Should Be Aware Of
Clark Van Der Beken

Every day without fail, people are crashing their cars. They’re hitting obstructions, colliding with other vehicles, and hurting pedestrians. It’s common for passengers to be injured, and sometimes there are mortalities. Cars often need to be repaired, and some become write-offs. Longer-term, the victims may experience ongoing medical issues or suffer from PTSD. They may be unable to work as they did before and may require modifications to their homes.

But what are the causes of all these incidents? If we learn this, we may be able to avoid the same things happening to us. Let’s take a look at four key reasons why car accidents occur.

1. Driver Fatigue

It’s all too common for people to travel long distances without taking adequate breaks of at least thirty minutes. This can especially apply to long-distance lorry drivers who are in a hurry to finish their journeys. As pointed out at, about 2.4%. road accidents occurred annually as a result of weary drivers. When a person’s eyelids feel droopy, their powers of concentration become diminished. This manifests itself in slow responses and reactions to what’s happening on the road.

Night driving brings its own challenges too. Not only may people be tired, but the visibility becomes reduced. Should an animal suddenly cross the road, it will be harder to see it in time. Many modern cars have headlights that are too powerful. This can momentarily blind the drivers experiencing the glare.

People who are injured because of the negligence of another can often seek financial compensation. They usually look for free consultations and online chats. They want lawyers who have accreditations such as the Virginia State Bar, and they seek the contact details and directions.

2. The Environment

Even when the media describe the weather conditions as treacherous, people still venture out in their cars. When there are strong winds and heavy rain, many drivers fail to reduce their speed. The weather can seriously impair peoples’ visibility, due to such things as heavy rain, snow, sleet, or fog. The roads can become slippery when there is rain, ice, or snow and vehicles can struggle to grip the freeway.

The physical environment can also affect peoples’ road safety. Consider those who can’t see oncoming cars because of untended and overhanging trees. The street owner may not have provided lighting, or there may be loose gravel that could make cars skid. Sometimes people swerve their vehicles to avoid potholes, and this can put them in the path of oncoming traffic.

3. Poor Driving

Some people become angry and exasperated about other drivers. They may experience road rage and drive aggressively. If they think the car in front is driving too slowly, they may tailgate them. If they drive too closely, they may end up hitting the car in front if it suddenly reduces its speed or stops. Alternatively, the angry driver may feel their only option is to overtake on a blind bend. Impatient motorists also put peoples’ lives at risk when they are guilty of speeding or running red lights.

If someone doesn’t concentrate on their driving, they may end up taking a wrong turning or going in the wrong direction down a one-way street. People who are looking for a specific building or road frequently drive slowly and erratically, forgetting the cars behind them.

4. Distraction

One survey suggests that 17.7% of road accidents occur because of this. A study in the U.S. put the figures up to between 25 and 50%.  A driver may be animated as they talk to a fellow passenger, or arguing with the children sitting behind them. Alternatively, they may be looking at road signs or admiring the scenery. Ironically, one accident can cause another. If someone is looking at a road crash, they become at risk of hitting the vehicle in front. It’s possible to see some motorists eating and drinking as they drive. Others apply makeup, perform personal grooming or try to map read.

Studies confirm that if someone is having a conversation using a hands-free phone, their concentration levels will be impaired. People who illegally hold mobile phones often create accidents, especially those who text. Whilst modern cars display an exciting array of facilities on their control consoles, they can be a dangerous distraction whilst driving.

There are other things that can cause car accidents too, such as drugs, alcohol (DUI or Driving Under the Influence), or irresponsible teenagers. The key takeaway is to make sure that you drive safely and responsibly at all times. Whilst you can’t guarantee that others will always drive wisely, you can at least reduce the risk of being involved in an accident. This can help protect both yourself, your passengers, and other people on the road.

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