3 Reasons Why You May Need to Think About Getting Veneers

3 Reasons Why You May Need to Think About Getting Veneers

Many people are self-conscious about their teeth. When they smile, they may keep their lips held firmly together. This can be a nightmare when it comes to having your picture taken. Imagine family albums and wedding photos being blighted in this way. In a world that projects unrealistic body images and perfect smiles, it can be a severe blow to your self-esteem.

Lots of people these days are talking about dental veneers. They are thin layers of material (mainly porcelain but also composite resin) that are placed over peoples’ teeth. When people have them fitted they experience brighter, younger smiles. The colors are custom-designed to blend in with peoples’ natural tooth enamel. It can be as resilient as it is natural-looking. It’s not always the cheapest option for people, so why should they consider having them? Let’s find out three key reasons right now.

1. It’s An Alternative To Invasive Surgery

If a person has dental issues that are adversely affecting their appearance, they may have the option for surgery. Sadly, such corrective work can be painful. This could include dental extractions and the installation of implants. When someone learns that the fitting of veneers can be done in two days and rarely involves tooth removal, they may become highly interested. (Some people experience a change in their tooth sensation following the installation of veneers, but your specialist would explain this to you first).

Fortunately, there’s plenty of information on the internet for people who are considering this option. According to the dental specialists at many people are going online to read about clinics offering free consultations and x-rays. They are also encouraged to learn that veneers can be custom-made and ready within a week. Some people receive answers to their online inquiries from specialists in orthodontics, general and cosmetic dentistry. This helps enquirers feel more confident with the replies, and more able to make an informed decision.

2. It Can Cover Cracks And Gaps

There’s no need for people to spend their lives feeling ashamed of their dental imperfections and flaws. If their teeth are chipped, crooked or misshapen there is a solution. Not only can custom-made moldings cover these issues, but they can stop them from getting worse over time.

If someone’s teeth are badly aligned it can create unwanted gaps. Traditional dentists may offer orthodontic solutions that can take anything from months to years to achieve. Braces are one obvious example, and they can be an expensive option. If this course of action is not viable, the only other traditional choice may be having false teeth. Fortunately, veneers are equal to this task, coping with both severely crooked and missing teeth.

3. It’s A Permanent Solution For Discolouration

How The Problem Begins

You may have met someone with severely stained teeth. Such things can occur for a host of different reasons. It could be because of their diet or what they drink. Interestingly, tea is worse than coffee when it comes to stains, and this applies to both the iced and brewed varieties. Smoking can make your teeth yellow and stained, and even the fluoride in our drinking water can discolor them.

Some peoples’ genetics can make them particularly prone to dental discoloration, as can poor dental hygiene or disease. If someone is elderly, has received antibiotics, or experienced tooth trauma or infection – they can end up with deeply stained teeth. Even dentists can be partly responsible when using certain materials for amalgam restorations.

How The Problem Is Addressed

Sometimes people are lucky, and basic tooth whitening solutions or strips can deal with the stains. Beyond that, tooth veneers are the solution. Whether the stains are mild or severe, they can be permanently hidden. People can enjoy the benefits for 15 to 20 years because the veneers are non-porous. This means they will be able to cope with the food and drink people consume, and they won’t create new stains on the teeth!

The Next Step

If you decide that this is something you could be interested in, it’s essential you first speak to your dentist. They can assess your teeth’ shape and decide whether you could benefit from them. If it’s ‘all systems go’, they will buff your teeth and send you off for treatment. Maintain your teeth well afterward, as the cement bonds could become stained from such things as berries, tomato sauce, coffee, wine, or tea. Should the porcelain become chipped, this could, fortunately, be rectified.

It’s encouraging to discover that modern innovations can help people in such a personal way. Folk can look and feel great, enjoying measures of self-confidence that were previously only dreamed of. Whilst a financial outlay would be required, the benefits can be priceless. It’s for this reason that so many people are continuing to invest in their dental health by opting for veneers.

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