How Technology is Keeping Us Safe and Secure in 2019

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Technology can often get a bad rap these days, whether it’s concern about how many hours we spend scrolling through social media, or whether a constant state of being ‘connected’ is raising our stress levels. But, technology can also offer us an increased level of safety and security as we go about our daily lives, protecting us from threats to our property, money or person.

As technology is constantly updating, so is the need to keep our own data, savings or homes safe from potential danger. If this extra level of security is something that you haven’t yet thought about in your own life, there’s no time like the present to get started. Even something as simple as setting a lock screen password on your phone can dramatically decrease your risk level and prevent you from losing valuable personal data.

Personal Security

It may not be immediately obvious how technology can help to keep you physically safe unless we start thinking about 007 style gadgets sent straight from Q Branch. However, smartphone-based alternatives to personal alarms have gained popularity recently with many increasingly intelligent options becoming available.

One of the very best out there is bSafe, available both from the App Store and Google Play. Pressing the ‘alarm’ button provided by this app will instantly alert your chosen contacts via text message, whilst sounding an alarm and activating your phone’s torch feature. The Companion app goes one step further and actually sends a live GPS marker of where you are to your trusted contacts, prompting you to certify that you’re ok if anything happens to your phone on your walk home. Once home, I’ll let everyone know that you’re safe.

Protect Your Data

Besides protecting your own physical self, it is becoming increasingly important to protect your online self or ‘data self’. An awful lot of our personal information is stored online these days, from online banking to medical notes, to Facebook profiles. It can be a good idea to protect all of your devices (yes, even your smartphone) with anti-virus, anti-malware and password protected software. This way, you are covered from every angle; whether somebody is trying to hack into your files via a corrupted email or because they have physical access to the device, there will be extra security there to keep them out.

The big names in security software like Kaspersky, Norton, and McAfee are still trusted vendors, but it’s also a good idea to check your device’s built-in security functions. The ability to password protect access to sensitive information is usually an existing feature and prompting every application to ask for permission to access your webcam and microphone is a must-do.

Out and About

Whilst you’re out and about enjoying an evening with your partner or best friends, you may not be aware of the technology all around you making sure that you’re protected and safe. Businesses such as casinos use intelligent security technology called NORA to identify potentially significant relationships between suspicious persons and therefore stop the undesirable activity before it even happens. This anticipatory approach towards security can help patrons of businesses like nightclubs know that they are keeping customers safe and ensures that the power balance remains firmly stacked against potential wrongdoers. In addition, PayPal casino money transfers are on the rise and they are a great way to keep your personal credit card information secure.

Whilst CCTV is still widely used in shops and other places of business, the focus is now shifting towards keeping a closer eye on the actual transactions taking place. Modern tills allow for individual log-ins for each staff member, meaning that management can look at who carried out each transaction. Retail companies are also utilizing greater online security to protect customers’ details when shopping online and working with banks to provide extra levels of safeguarding when processing online payments.

It’s reassuring to know that the companies we trust with our money, our personal details and, in some cases, with our personal safety are taking measures to make sure that we stay protected. However, it never hurts to stay informed and remain updated with the best ways to keep both you and your property safe.

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