Best Paying Slots

Best Paying Slots

Spinning the reels of an online slot machine is a lot of fun, but I think we can all say with some honesty that the biggest appeal of them is the chance to win some money at For this reason, the best-paying slots tend to be some of the most successful ones.

But what are they? How do we find the best-paying slots? We’ve got the ultimate guide to just that, plus some recommendations of our own, coming right up.

How to find the best-paying slots

‘Best-paying’ could be looked at in a couple of different ways: the frequency of the payouts or the overall amount of money that can be won. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the latter and finding out which slots can win us the most money full stop.

The one overruling statistic that we can look at to decide is the max win of the slot. A max win can be decided in a couple of different ways in that it can either be a fixed amount (e.g. 10,000x your stake) or a progressive amount from a progressive jackpot.

With progressive jackpots, the payout can often vary in size, so we’ll look at some of the records for those slots in terms of the top payouts that players have landed over the years.

Potential downsides to high-paying slots

Slots with high max wins, as a general rule of thumb, are more volatile. This means that the hit rate will be less, and so players will win less often. This is to be expected as if a high max win slot paid out all the time, it would lose money for the casinos!

Highly volatile slots can be quite frustrating for some players, so we recommend that beginners proceed with caution before jumping into these. At least, that is, beginners who are lacking in patience!

The best paying slots online

Having crunched the numbers, we’ve put together a shortlist of what we think are some of the best paying slots online. These aren’t set in stone, and with the rate that slot games are being released, these are likely to change in years to come.

However, for the time being, we’re pretty confident that these are slots that really do have the potential to win you a whole lot of cash:

  • Mega Moolah: it would be rude not to get started with the world-famous Microgaming slot. This progressive jackpot slot has seen the world’s largest online slot win an eye-watering $22.4 million!
  • Starburst XXXtreme: NetEnt’s reboot of the classic Starburst slot saw the introduction of what is apparently the highest fixed max win of an online slot game in the world, 200,000x your stake.
  • Rome: The Golden Age: we love an Ancient Roman slot and 2021 saw the introduction of one of our favorites, complete with a max win of 100,000x your stake.

Conclusion on the best-paying slots

Whether it’s massive fixed max wins or progressive jackpots you’re looking for, online slot games sure can win you a whole lot of money. Just make sure that you have some patience, as those wins can take a little while to come through!

Best Progressive Jackpot Slot Games Today

Best Progressive Jackpot Slot Games Today

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