6 Ways You Can Recognize An Excellent Steakhouse

6 Ways You Can Recognize An Excellent Steakhouse
Nico Smit

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting a work dinner, going on a date, or simply want to indulge in an exceptional steak and a glass of wine on your night out; a steakhouse is your place to go. Steakhouses are now competing like never before, serving more scrumptious cuts and expanding their menu options. If you have a passion for steak and wine, here are 6 ways to help you recognize the best steakhouse.

1. Quality

Prime steakhouses serve premium meat cuts with bursting flavors. They don’t just buy any steak, they work with well-known butchers and inspect the meat before choosing it for the restaurant. Many steakhouses use USDA prime steaks, which means that the steak has a high level of marbling and is from young, healthy, and well-fed cows. The U.S prime is the highest quality grade for steaks.

Steakhouses that serve high-quality steaks also use fresh, and never frozen steaks, as frozen stakes make it hard to achieve desired textures and cooking temperatures. Good steakhouses either wet-aged or dry-age their steaks. Wet-aged beef is stored in airtight and vacuum-sealed containers and is usually very tender. While dry-aged beef is stored in a controlled open-air room to create the robust, flavourful taste that people love. Steakhouse restaurants have grill rooms with professional grillmasters, you’ll be able to see the smoke coming from the kitchen, and smell the sweet, marinated steak from miles away.

2. Prices

Prices should not be above the average prices of most steakhouses. For instance, the price list at Fleming’s Steakhouse ranges from $50 to $60 for steak dishes, and the average item price is $19.65. Steakhouses’ prices are relatively high, nevertheless, if the quality of the food matches the price, and you’re being served that sizzling, juicy steak, you’ll know that it is worth every penny.

3. Menu

An excellent steakhouse will have an exceptional menu, with a wide range of options including; beef rib steaks, veal chops, filet mignons, and pork loins. A menu with a variety of steaks and dozens of grilled, tender, and aged cuts, allowing you to choose your favorite cut, its weight, doneness, and its thickness.

Let’s not forget about the starters and side dishes: potato soups,  calamari, juicy sautéed vegetables, foie gras, crispy fries, and caviars. A mouth-watering steak can be perfect on its own, but a steakhouse meal needs a side or two to be complete and give you a perfect experience. Then comes the dessert section for your sweet tooth, from créme brûlées to chocolate butter cakes and pies. And of course, you’d want to wash all that down with fine wine and hand-crafted cocktails; scotches, Sherries, ports, and Madeiras. No one wants a boring menu, so an unpredictable and diversified menu definitely makes an excellent steakhouse!

4. Service

Customer service is one of the most important factors that make a restaurant stand out. A friendly, inviting, and hospitable staff grants them a lot of points because no matter how perfect the food is, a bad customer service experience will push all customers away. If the employees don’t take care of your needs in an appropriate time frame; for instance, having to wait for 15 minutes for refills or sauce, this can make your dining experience turn sour. A great steakhouse has hosts and waiters who are welcoming and are simply available. By being visible, waiters are always there to help, and you’ll never have to shout into the kitchen to ask for something.

5. Dining experience

Blending food with music, who doesn’t love that? Listening to lively music like jazz while you’re downing on that delicious steak can certainly spike your dopamine levels and make you in seventh heaven, enhancing your dining experience. A steakhouse’s vibe; like classic interiors, candle-lit table setups, and calming music will make you want to go there again and again, to enjoy your night in a delightful atmosphere. Some steakhouses even have fire pits and casinos so you can roulette after a delish meal! We all need a break from our busy working lives.

6. Good reputation

An excellent steakhouse will have a good reputation and a wide customer base, through word of mouth and great reviews. Check out Facebook reviews and ask your family and friends, they’ll tell you about the best steakhouses they’ve dined at. If a steakhouse has achieved high customer satisfaction, this indicates that they are successful and offer a great customer experience. Exceptional steakhouse restaurants engage in unique practices (like bringing you mints or free coffee after dinner) to show that they are different from competitors, and you’ll be able to see their USP when you read about people’s experiences.

The perfect steak house will undoubtedly serve over-the-top steak dishes and offer you high-quality service. In addition to appetizing food that goes hand in hand with an upscale ambiance. You’ll know you were at an excellent steakhouse when you’re just euphoric after your night out.

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